Try to understand what an employer is looking for by understanding their job advert. Then analyse the information and produce a list of skills that are required for the job. You should now have the raw data to start producing a CV template that fits the job advert.

Start off by looking at the job role and asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the role being offered?
  • Why is the job being advertised, is the company restructuring or expanding?
  • What skill sets are they looking for?
  • How important is the role within the company?
  • What personal qualities are they looking for in a candidate?

Then research the general industry, what are the current developments in it. Search the internet, local libraries or the business section of newspapers for industry stories.

Also make a list of things you do understand about the job advert. Then set about trying to answer these. If you find out in details what the company is looking and mention that you have those skills in your CV, then this can help set you apart from other jobseekers.


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