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18th January 2024


Dear …………,

Whilst browsing the job adverts on the website, I came across your vacancy for a Senior Associate. I am confident in my abilities and would like to put myself forward for this position.

I possess the powerful intellect along with the strong analytical skills needed to get results, implement constructive change, and improve inefficiencies.

I come to you as a highly motivated and resilient Senior Associate who leads by example and who has very strong operational experience in your areas of operations. As per your requirements I can maximise financial performance by utilizing technology to drive process improvements in your finance and accounting processes. In essence I have the financial skills and knowledge needed to provide the best possible service to your company and its clients.

What I feel really makes me unique is my experience of working with high profile cases which may have a greater level of economic impact or risk for your firm. I have a well-honed eye for detail and am comfortable putting data and customer metrics under the spotlight to find valuable statistics. It is this skill coupled my good client management competencies that allows me to have a pragmatic and solution-focused approach to my work.

With my current employer I have had an influence on the future success of my business. At work I provide information and advice about financial decisions and investment moves to colleagues and clients. Furthermore, I prepare and present research findings to both internal and external stakeholders. I have a reputation with senior managers for being someone who takes on those complex fee-earning matters that others avoid. One of the secrets of my success is getting everyone pushing in the same direction by making sure all teams communicate effectively through regular documented meetings and calls.

Through my career I have gained exposure to various industries and become fully certified in leading financial software solutions and tools. Aside from my technical competencies, I have also learnt how to remain calm when under pressure and break problems down into smaller manageable parts.

On a personal level I am passionate about building strong relationships with my clients, colleagues, and the communities I work in. This is something I can do due to my strong oral and written communication skills which allow me to talk with a variety of people in different environments.

At this stage of my career, I want to join a reputable company like yours that is passionate about finding eager, knowledgeable individuals and supporting them to become leaders in their field. After reviewing my attached resume, please feel free to contact me to arrange an interview or if you require any further information from me. Should you find interest in my application, then I will be available for an interview at your convenience. In closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application.

Yours sincerely,


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Tel: 0044 123 456 7890




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