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Maxine has an excellent understanding of financial management along with in depth knowledge of all the relevant principles and techniques. She can bring her wealth of experience and expertise to the table to help shape an organisations future thinking, direction, and services. Has the right skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to make a success of this role. Furthermore, has a ‘can-do’ attitude along with an aptitude to learn and a desire to become really involved in the business. Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and ability to perform fee earning work accurately, reliably and in accordance with a firm’s risk and quality management procedures.

A real professional who stays informed about relevant industry regulations and who can ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Has good up-to-date financial knowledge, including of recent developments in accounting standards.

In her current role she prioritizes a client’s financial goals, prepares personal financial statements, and identifies strategies regarding cash flow. Apart from preparing various financial analyses she also completes monthly financial reports and forwards these to senior management and the board of directors. At work is the ‘go to’ person for advising on refinancing and loan documentation as well as pension fund transactions.

During her long career she has worked with clients such as banks, corporates, equity holders, credit funds, pension trustees and government organisations. Has extensive experience working in a complex, fast moving environment, and dealing professionally with multiple stakeholders.

Aside from her managerial competencies she possesses a professional, executive appearance and always sets an example for others to follow.

At this stage of her career, she would like to join an organisation where those who show promise may be promoted to Senior Associates.



SENIOR ASSOCIATE – Start Date – Present
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Responsible for addressing the accounting and finance operational and reporting challenges facing the business.


  • Analysing historical trends and scrutinising future projected forecasts.
  • Contributing to managing the operational aspects of the company’s budget.
  • Making sure that the quality of work produced by the departmental team meets or exceeds established standards.
  • Developing client relationships and leading on strategic development projects.
  • Giving direction to the finance teams and department as a whole.
  • Assisting and providing real insight to the leadership team to help them in their key strategic decision making.
  • Seeking out and quantifying profitable opportunities for financial improvement and efficiencies.
  • Reviewing general ledger balances to ensure that entries are posted properly.
  • Taking an active lead in managing the client experience through regular contact with them.
  • Identifying sources of funding and contributing to the process of securing funds.
  • Setting strategic priorities for the company over the short, medium, and long term.
  • Completing all regulatory reporting requirements for the organisation.
  • Providing great decision making and effectively leading the delivery team.
  • Reviewing sets of financial statements to find discrepancies or key information.
  • Completing audits in accordance with prescribed audit procedures.
  • When required representing the company to major clients and professional associations.
  • Supporting senior management with their daily tasks.
  • Working in close partnership with clients throughout all stages of a financial project.
  • Ensuring accurate execution and trading of new assets and security positions.
  • Assisting in the design and creation of client presentations.
  • Recommending actions and help clients implement them.
  • Designing and building pro formas financial models.
  • Planning every project in detail so as to anticipate and overcome potential issues.

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  • Track record of driving change across both complex, large, and small organisations.
  • Understands the purpose of accounting and general ledger recording procedures.
  • Hands-on experience in business operations within a startup environment.
  • Curious by nature and always keen and willing to learn new skills.
  • Coming up with creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
  • Technical skills in MS Office applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook; audit software, ProSystems and GoSystems.
  • Politically astute and aware of local, regional, national and international priorities.


  • A strong relationship builder who builds trust with key stakeholders.
  • Persuasive presenter and negotiator.
  • High levels of attention to detail and not never missing a trick.
  • Never being put off by setbacks or sales that fall through.



Financial services
Debt raising
Financial restructuring
Financial improvement
Business revenue
Cost forecasting
Account management



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Available on request.



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