On this page we will list some of the various charity organisations that are either based in the United Kingdom, or that carry out certain work here, or maybe just have a online charity website presence here. These non profit organisations are always looking for volunteers to help them with their work, so if you are interested in doing some community work them feel free to contact them!

Age Concern
They describe themselves as being the largest charity in the UK looking after the interests of older people. They regularly hold rallies and organize events to highlight issues facing those who have reached the age of 50 and above. They are there to give advice on a range of issues from benefit rights to highlighting failings in the healthcare systems towards the treatment of pensioners. They take action against employers and organisations that practise age discrimination, or who may not give full pensions to those who have worked all of their lives. Providing information on and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is also a important part of their work.

Contact details:

Age Concern England
Astral House
1268 London Road
London SW16 4ER
Telephone: 0800 00 99 66

World Wildlife Fund
This charititable foundation is focused on conserving the environment, it is a global organisation and has offices in countries right around the world. Due to this fact it will have many job opportunities in exotic locations. It’s famous logo is the panda bear, and it was originally set up in 1961. Their work is varied and includes them in campaigning to stop the extinction of endangered species like orang-utans, campaigning to stop the destruction of the rainforests in Brazil, and also protecting the over exploitation of the earths resources. The WWF also have many famous ambassadors who generate much publicity for their causes, these ambassadors include well know film stars and sports personalities.

Contact details:

Panda House
Weyside Park
Surrey GU7 1XR
Telephone: 01483 426444

The Salvation Army
Originally established in 1865 by William Booth as a Christian movement with a mission to try to alleviate poverty and improve social welfare in Victorian England. The organisation has since then spread around the world and now has offices in many industrialised and third world countries, and carry out work in over 100 countries. They are called a army because they believe they are fighting a war against direct poverty and its causes. The salvation army can be described as a religious charity as they consider themselves to be missionaries and hold regular religious services. For their funding they rely on cash donations from the public, and accept furniture donation etc, as well as having their own salvation army shop outlets.

Contact details:

The Salvation Army
101 Newington Causeway
Telephone: 020 7367 4802


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