These are shops that are owned, run and operated by charity organisations as a charity fundraising operation. Their main aim is to make money for their cause and they do this by operating a retail outlet. Many of these outlets can be seen in High Streets across England and the UK.

They can sell all sorts of goods, indeed some specialise in second hand fashionable garments, while others sell clothes, furniture and books that have been donated by members of the public.

Generally speaking customers go to charity shops specifically and mainly for two reasons. To look for bargain, this is because many of the goods for sale there are sold at well below market rates. Secondly many customers see it as a way of supporting charities that they are interested in. Other people go there include collectors of certain items, like rare books who may be hoping to find something of value.

Well known charity shops that you can see in many town centres include Oxfam, kidney research, British Heart Foundation, Red Cross gift shops, Barnardo’s etc. As a note of interest in the United Kingdom Oxfam has the most charity shops, will well over 600 branches. All of these outlets will be owned by a Registered Charity.

Job description
In these types of outlets there are various charity shop jobs that you could apply for. From a shop assistant and cashier to a store manager, it all really depends on the size of the outlet. The bigger the charity shop the more jobs they will have. You could also find employment at their main offices in administrative roles. Now you should note that many volunteers do charity work for free in these shops, and that there will only be a few paid positions. There are typically part time and full time positions available, if you have any retail experience then that would be helpful in your application. Typical duties will include sorting out stock, being a cashier, and putting price labels on goods.

Of course charity shops also help the environment by taking clothes and household goods that people might normally throw away and recycling them by selling them on.

Training and qualification for various charity shop jobs
This all depends on the role you are applying for, however the more retail experience you have the better.

The wages are not great, typically a charity shop manager can expect to earn in the region of £13,000 per year.


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