Over the last decade this young and diverse industry that has grown rapidly, driven by the desire of organisations and companies all over the world to invest in the promotion and management of their conferences, exhibitions and events.

It is tied to a huge number of sectors including the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries. An Events Management degree is designed for these sectors, and will prepare and equip graduates for job opportunities in local, national or international event management. It will give students the appropriate balance between the academic context for events, and an appreciation of the applied logistical and operational elements of event management.

The events management industry is becoming more professional all the time. If your want to enter it then a degree in this subject will give you an edge when applying for jobs, by showing potential employers that you are serious about this field. Remember that most employers will be looking for a high level of academic achievement or experience in a similar industry. The goal of any events management degree is to produce capable, qualified and energetic graduates who will have a sound academic and vocational experience of the industry, and who will exceed the expectations of any future employers.

Events management degree course overview

Courses have a clear focus on personal and career development, in addition to subject knowledge, and many will include work placements, which are ideal opportunities to run real events and be part of consultancy projects. On many programmes work experience is embedded into the course at each academic stage, thereby allowing you to integrate the theoretical and practical sides of this subject.

All of these procedures are aimed at showing students the practical side of organising events that will satisfy guests and participants on multiple levels. A degree will provide you with the relevant knowledge and experience to work within one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors of the service economy.

Modules are delivered through a series of tutorials and seminars including case studies. Assessment is through a group project and presentation, an individual essay and a final exam.

Typical course modules and areas of study on a events management degree 

  • Events marketing
  • Hospitality
  • International partnerships
  • Sponsorship
  • Risk management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Events Management
  • Tourism and Events
  • Business and Conference Tourism
  • Finance for Events
  • Project Management
  • Health and Safety for Events

Students will learn about

  • Corporate, culture and arts, leisure and sporting events sectors.
  • Designing and Organising Events
  • Practical Event Management
  • Managing Mega-events
  • Sponsorship and Marketing
  • Quality Management and Customer Service
  • The leisure industry
  • Visitor attractions
  • Visitor management
  • Service planning
  • Capacity evaluation
  • Social inclusion strategies
  • Conferences & exhibitions
  • People skills
  • Multi-tasking

Students will learn how to

  • Meet people in a casual, but professional way.
  • Visualise events.
  • Organise black tie events, club shows and formal dinners.
  • Think on your feet and deal with unexpected problems.
  • How to stay calm and in control when things don’t go according to plan.
  • Listen and clearly understand what the client is looking to achieve.
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with both internal and external suppliers.


Events management personal statement

Below is a events management personal statement written by one of our writers. You can use this example to gain an idea of how to structure and put together your own one. You are strongly advised not to copy or plagiarise it, instead use it as a resource to inspire your own creative writing.

Events management personal statement example 1

“To me an events organiser is essentially an ambassador for their client. This suits me fine, as I consider myself to be a ‘people’ person, who is articulate and fully able to organise an event that gets the clients message across in the way that they want.

One of the main reasons I am attracted to this industry is the satisfaction I will get from working towards something tangible. In many other jobs it’s a long time before a employee will see what they have achieved, but with events management my experience has shown me that it’s not long before you’re at a event thinking, ‘I’ve made this happen’.

I am not a 9-5 person, and I feel the lifestyle, work and type of people I am likely to meet, will all suit my personality. I thrive of the feeling and buzz I get when days of planning and organising come together. Every day is different, every destination is different and every person you deal with is different.

I also feel that as the world of work is becomes increasingly competitive, if I have an innovative learning degree (such as this one) under my belt, then it can make all the difference when applying for a job or promotion.

I am a sociable, enthusiastic, resourceful and very organised person, who has a lot of energy and stamina. I also enjoy being involved in arranging things, and always look forward to attending special occasions and going out. These are all key traits which I feel are necessary for effective events management.

Possessing excellent communication skills, I am able to establish productive relationships with people at all levels. I also realise the importance in this business of always having ‘a smile on your face’ when meeting new people, and therefore I work hard on my appearance and image.

Whatever I am doing I always pay attention to detail, and am creative when coming up with solutions. I possess an imaginative mind, have an adaptable approach to problem solving, with a knack for seeing potential issues before they arise and therefore pre-empting any difficult situations.

On a more personal level I do not have a problem working late evenings or weekends, and understand that this is a role where I am likely to be the first person to arrive and the last one to leave. In my opinion effective event management is all about planning, scheduling and coordinating not only yourself, but the entire team helping with the event.

To get an introduction to the industry I got a job as a volunteer fundraiser with a charity. This was a great opportunity for me to see behind the scenes and experience the kind of challenges I am likely to face in the future. During my time there I was involved in product launches, weddings, graduation ceremonies, open days, and business conferences. My duties included meeting clients and trying to get an exact idea of what they wanted from an event. I was involved in events from the initial enquiry right through to the day when the project was handed over to the operations team. I was part of a busy office and being sales minded I never missed an opportunity to up-sell wherever possible. The experience taught me the basic logistics of organising an event from concept to completion, how to market it, arrange the catering and also organise health and safety. Upon leaving my senior manager commended me for being a quick thinker, good negotiator and someone who was able to source things that others couldn’t.

I have decided to apply to your university because your teaching staff have a wealth of real industry experience. This was confirmed to me on a recent visit to your campus where I talked to them, and they all appeared approachable, very knowledgeable and proactive, all factors which made a real impression on me. They appeared to have the right combination of theoretical knowledge and industry experience. After exploring in some detail your modules I was also pleased to see that they devoted quite a bit of time to areas like financial acumen and creativity, both fields which I feel are highly important in event management, and which other universities courses did not offer.”


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