Christine Graham
Hiring Manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6NF

10th August 2019


Dear Ms Graham,

I apply in writing in relation to the aforementioned Personal Trainer position, as advertised on the web site on the …………..

I have the experience and ability to change lives for the better by devising customized exercise plans for clients based on their needs and goals.

For me fitness training is about much more than just giving out exercise orders, it’s about guiding clients step by step throughout their whole routine, whether it’s in a gym or at their home.

As an experienced professional I understand that some clients may not always be enthusiastic about taking part in a gym session. This is where my motivational skills come into play. As a superb communicator I can quickly connect with people and get them going.

As a true all-rounder, you can rely on me to resolve problems, as and when they arise and also monitor the misuse of equipment. Furthermore, I am a responsible individual who will never allow my credentials, liability insurance and other trainer business standards or practices to lapse.

Currently I work for …………., where apart from my routine training duties, I am involved in a number of duties such as conducting induction classes for new members and assisting with membership retention strategies for existing clients.

I possess all the training needed to confidently pursue a career in health and fitness. So, right now I am looking for a suitable position with an ambitious centre, that wants to recruit talented staff like me. In closing I would like to mention that I have attached my CV for your kind consideration and invite you to contact me if you feel I have the potential that you are looking for in a candidate.

Yours sincerely,


Address 1
Address 2
Tel: 0044 121 638 0026



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