A systems analyst will work in a organisations IT department with a business analyst and other software engineers

A systems analyst carries out the task of researching, recommending and distributing the best IT solutions for an companies requirements. Systems analysts have a very important role in the systems development process in the IT departments of many big multinational organisations. They are classified as coming under the remit of it jobs. They are accountable for researching, recommending, coordinating, planning and system choices to meet an organization’s business requirements. A business systems analyst must also be a trouble-shooter, identifying problems that have arisen or may arise and then finding solutions for them. They work closely with a data analyst in resolving issues and work close to time-lines, and also work with project managers. A systems analyst can work freelance as a contractor, or they can be employed permanently by a companies IT department. They are employed in the public sector in local government jobs, and also by multinational corporations.

The tasks they carry out include feasibility studies, software testing, examining how and where computerised systems would give an advantage to the clients company, assessing the hardware needed and figuring out the most cost-effective solutions. In addition, systems analysts would work nationwide with programmers and business analysts to supervise and ensure smooth roll out of software products across an organisations offices.

Anyone thinking of a career in analyst jobs must have some programming skills to enable them to carry out their duties. These include communicating with the customers to become familiar with their requirements, check software for bugs, co-operate with designers to suggest the probable interface of the software. They will interact and guide the coders / developers to maintain track of system development. Complete system testing with sample/live data with the assistance of testers, put into practice the new systems, created and organize high quality documentation.

Working in systems analysis means you will generally be working office hours of nine to five. However if you have a deadline to meet then you may have to work with your software engineer colleagues through the night or at weekends to meet your customers needs.

Because system analyst have got to write user requests into technical specifications, systems analysts act as the connection between vendors and the IT professionals of the organization they represent. This is why they need good personal and communications skills. In addition, systems analyst should be able to work with a variety of programming languages, operating systems, and computer hardware platforms.

IT CV template examples:

1st line support

C developer

CAD Technician

Call centre

Data analyst

Database administrator

GIS consultant

Graphic designer


IT administrator

IT manager

IT support

IT support analyst

IT support engineer

IT support technician

ICT technician

Java developer

Network analyst

Network engineer

Oracle developer

PHP developer


Software tester

Solutions architect

Systems administrator

Technical architect

Technical support executive

Web designer