Christine Graham
Hiring Manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6NF

29th July 2021


Dear Ms Graham,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for your Team Leader vacancy which was recently advertised on the ………… website.

I am experienced in leading and managing high performing teams.

After reading your job description I quickly realised the match between your requirements and my strong communication, problem solving, organizational and delegation skills. Additionally, I can bring to the table my ability to lead diverse groups of people to consistent success.

With me you will get a proven problem solver who can firstly recognise, identify and assesses the severity of a situation. Secondly, I can then come up with practical solutions that will overcome the obstacles. I have broad experience in team management with a dedication to ensuring the best outcomes for individual team members.

Aside from my leadership competencies, I am an ambitious individual who is focused on my professional development. I do this by concentrating on my weaknesses rather than my strengths, and then taking action to improve them.

On a personal level, my philosophy is founded on the principle of always doing the right thing for the team even when difficult decisions are required.

The enclosed resume provides a more detailed description of my education, interests, and work experience. It will show you my track record of operating productively in pressurised environments.

I would like to discuss this position with you in more detail and would be very grateful if you were to invite me to an interview. My schedule is flexible, and I am available for interview during the day, evening and at the weekend. Right now, I would like to work for a company like yours that wants all its staff to enjoy the experience of working there and so fosters a fun and professional environment for them.

Yours sincerely,


Address 1
Address 2
Tel: 0044 123 456 7890



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