Richard Jones
The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street Birmingham
T: 0121 638 0026
M: number here



A competent, committed and experienced secondary school teacher who has over 15 years of invaluable experience in the educational sector. Has taught various national curriculum subjects to mixed sex classes to children aged between 11 – 16. Has the ability to use humour and imagination in a class room setting so as to encourage a learning culture amongst students. Easy going by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues, pupils and senior managers, currently looking to continue his career as a classroom teacher with a progressive secondary school or college.


May 2008 – Present
Workplace activities:-

  • Involved in the planning and delivering of classes.
  • Monitoring and recording a pupils progress in administrative records.
  • Responsible for preparing classes by ensuring the correct educational resources are in place.
  • Involved in the arranging of examinations.
  • Preparing students for their exams by encouraging them and providing support.
  • Assisting NQT’s who have recently joined the teaching staff.
  • Advising older pupils with decisions about their careers, meeting with their career advisers.



  • Providing advice on work placement to older school children.
  • Ability to create a stimulating teaching environment for students by being motivated, enthusiastic and confident.
  • Organizing a wide range of leisure and sports activities and encouraging physical activities.
  • Establishing clear objectives for all learning activities under your authority.
  • Enforcing discipline and rules within a class setting, handling challenging behavior.
  • Creating positive relationships with students.
  • Ensuring that I am up to date with the latest teaching methods, as well as with my subject knowledge.
  • Excellent IT and technology skills.
  • Experience of working in a maintained and local education authority school.
  • Maintaining efficient record keeping procedures and standards.
  • Preparing performance reports for pupils and presenting them to parents.


  • Ability to manage a pupils behaviour in the school and particularly in a classroom.
  • Knowledge of dealing with sensitive issues like bullying.
  • Experience of organizing extracurricular activities like trips etc.
  • Ability to discipline unruly pupils and take control of those who misbehave.
  • Experience of delivering lessons in classes and preparing coursework and homework.
  • Latest knowledge of your subject areas and also teaching techniques.


Critical thinking             IT skills                            Administration                 Homework

Problem solving           Planning                           Supervising                       Examinations

Team work                   Time management         Coursework                      Mentoring



Support Teacher           School D Feb          2007 – May 2008

Support Teacher           School E Feb          2006 – Jan 2007

Support Teacher           School F Feb          2005 – Jan 2006



Qualification           School/College/University           Date


REFERENCES – Available on request.


Driving license
CRB cleared


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