Maxine Curry
Dayjob Limited
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026


Maxine has successfully promoted a compliance culture at every company she has worked for in her career. She has experience of leading teams on all matters pertaining to compliance and legal risk and in addition to this has good understanding of current thinking and best practice in all compliance disciplines and issues. In her present role she is directly accountable to the CEO and Company Board of Directors and is primarily responsible for creating a clear structure for the internal management of processes, procedures and costs. Her key strength is her ability to re-evaluate areas of previous deficiency to identify any improvements that need to be made. Right now she is looking to join an ambitious company that wants to recruit talented and proven managers.



Compliance Officer – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for providing strategic direction and focus to the compliance team.


  • Maintaining the company’s legal forms and files.
  • Rolling out company wide compliance policies and standards.
  • In charge of all compliance related communications.
  • Carrying out periodic audits or site visits as deemed necessary.
  • Providing complete and accurate information to senior managers.
  • Monitoring the performance of any corrective actions.
  • Keeping an eye out for non-compliance.
  • Managing staff by conducting regular performance reviews.
  • Using the latest technology to enforce compliance of rules and regulations.
  • Ensuring compliance projects are properly budgeted for and reported on.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
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JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location




  • Able to influence senior managers and executives.
  • Highly proficient in MS Office packages and in particular with Excel.
  • Excellent visual presentation skills.
  • Able to quickly source important information.
  • Communicating technical language in a clear and understandable way.
  • Strong knowledge of commercial operations.
  • Good at solving practical problems.
  • Ensuring adherence to quality standards.


  • Emotionally mature and willing to take on responsibility.
  • Logical thinker who takes emotion out of any equation.
  • Ability to work independently and to deadlines.
  • Willing to share her knowledge and expertise with colleagues.



Compliance projects
Improving processes
Report writing



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Available on request.



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