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Contrary to popular belief having a midwife job means more than just the delivery babies during birth. They are involved in the pregnancy right from the start until the day the baby is born. Their job description requires them to provide care and also offer advice to the mother and partner through out the entire pregnancy. They are qualified and highly trained healthcare professionals, their work means they are required in a variety of different locations, from hospitals to home visits. If there are medical complications then a midwife will seek the advice of a doctor or a obstetricians, but this is rare. To get a job as a midwife and to become a registered midwife you must complete a three year degree course in midwifery, where you will learn all the latest birthing procedures.

The support and healthcare education that a midwife provides during the term of the pregnancy is vital to a newborn being born healthy. A midwife’s job will also typically mean having to continue to provide support and healthcare to the mother for up to one month after the baby has been born.

The day to day tasks of a midwife will include examining pregnant women and diagnosing any problems, providing full antenatal care, including arranging hospital appointments. A midwife will also make sure all the standards are met for post-registration education and practice, and other tasks like showing the new mother how to breast feed. Arranging for the screening and also scans of the baby while it is still a foetus.

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