When writing a executive CV it is important that you give details and examples of your managerial achievements. Keep the recipient of your CV focused by highlighting executive successes in areas like project management, sales, identifying new markets and business opportunities etc.

You can download and use our professionally developed executive CV on this page as a template to stress that you are results orientated, have excellent communications and presentation skills. As well as mentioning that you have the ability to change and adapt to different working environments.

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Executive CV examples written for various roles;

Senior Executive resumes
Senior Executive resume
Senior Executive resume 1
Senior Executive resume 2
Senior Executive resume 3


Chief Executive CV
Chief Executive CV sample


Executive Director resumes
Executive Director resume
Executive Director resume 1
Executive Director resume 2
Executive Director resume 3


Executive Director cover letters
Executive Director cover letter 1
Executive Director cover letter 2
Executive Director cover letter 3


HR executive resumes
HR executive resume
HR Executive CV 1 example
HR Executive CV 2 example
HR Executive CV 3 example


HR Executive resumes
HR Executive resume 1
HR Executive resume 2
HR Executive resume 3


HR Executive cover letters
HR Executive cover letter 1
HR Executive cover letter 2
HR Executive cover letter 3


Sales executive resumes
Sales executive resume
Sales executive resume 1
Sales executive resume 2
Sales executive resume 3


Sales Executive CV
Sales Executive CV example


Graduate Sales Executive CV
Graduate Sales Executive CV example


Media sales executive CV
Media sales executive CV sample


IT Executive resumes
IT Executive resume
IT Executive resume 1
IT Executive resume 2
IT Executive resume 3


IT Executive cover letters
IT Executive cover letter 1
IT Executive cover letter 2
IT Executive cover letter 3


Executive assistant resumes
Executive assistant resume
Executive assistant resume 1
Executive assistant resume 2
Executive assistant resume 3


Account executive resumes
Account executive resume
Account executive resume 1
Account executive resume 2
Account executive resume 3


Technical support executive CV
Technical support executive CV sample


Student entry level Executive Assistant resume
Student entry level Executive Assistant resume template


Marketing Executive CV
Marketing Executive CV sample


Marketing Executive resumes
Marketing Executive resume
Marketing Executive resume 1
Marketing Executive resume 2
Marketing Executive resume 3


Marketing Executive cover letters
Marketing Executive cover letter 1
Marketing Executive cover letter 2
Marketing Executive cover letter 3


Advertising account executive resumes
Advertising account executive resume
Advertising Account Executive resume 1
Advertising Account Executive resume 2
Advertising Account Executive resume 3


Advertising Account Executive cover letters
Advertising Account Executive cover letter 1
Advertising Account Executive cover letter 2
Advertising Account Executive cover letter 3

Executive CV crossword template

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Graduate business development executive CV


Graduate media sales executive CV


Marketing executive CV


Sales Executive resume


Technical support executive CV



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More Executive CV templates

Business consultant CV template

Graduate Sales Executive

Legal executive jobs

Media sales executive CV sample

Trainee Recruitment_consultant

Entry level Executive Assistant resume – ideal for a student etc with no work experience.

Entry level Account Executive resume – ideal for a student etc with no work experience.


Areas to focus on in a executive CV
As a chief executive officer it is important that you stress points that will show off your core areas of knowledge and skills, as well as any relevant managerial experience. You should list your experience of dealing with directors and senior managers. You should also give details of any achievements that you have been involved in i.e. cost reduction, purchase of a competitor, increased sales etc.

In a executive CV also mention your:-

  • People management skills, supervising, staff training.
  • Ability to develop cost effective solutions to problems.
  • Project management and strategic planning.
  • Financial management, company taxation issues.
  • Carrying out risk assessments on projects and issues.
  • Being able to manage and supervise junior and senior staff.
  • Human resource management, recruitment and hiring.
  • Your proven ability to successfully increase domestic or global sales.
  • Your technical and business management qualifications.
  • Providing the required direction and leadership for the organisation.
  • Successfully implementing the strategies and objectives of the business.
  • Supporting and advising directors and board members on related business issues.
  • Overseeing product design, marketing and quality assurance.

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