Listed below are examples of how to show a prospective employer your ability to adjust to changes in your working environment. These pre-written demonstrate your adaptability skills and are ideal for any CV.

Examples of how to show you can adapt positively and proactively to workplace situations;

  • Ability to change with practice.
  • Adaptable to change and never getting too attached to things.
  • Adapting tone, language and style for different situations.
  • Can adapt well to circumstances.
  • Can function independently in a range of settings.
  • Can learn from mistakes and criticism.
  • Can quickly familiarise myself with new ways or working.
  • Changing things until they work.
  • Do not mind when something arises which isn’t on my ‘to do’ list.
  • Enjoy alterations to daily routines.
  • Gaining feedback and then reacting appropriately to it.
  • Having a proactive approach to change.
  • Learning from the mistakes of others.
  • Not afraid to give something new a try.
  • Open to changing arrangements at short notice.
  • Prioritising important tasks and making sure they are done first.
  • Quick to adapt to changing priorities.
  • Taking on new challenges at short notice.
  • Thinking quickly to respond to sudden changes in circumstances.
  • Thrive on change and the unexpected.
  • Working across different disciplines.


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