Below are sentences you can use in a CV to show that you are an efficient individual who can get things done on time, every time.

  • Achieving optimal levels of personal performance and accomplishment.
  • Achieving results with accuracy and precision.
  • Accomplishing a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.
  • Avoiding mistakes and errors.
  • Being accurate under pressure.
  • Breaking big tasks into smaller pieces.
  • Can pace myself to ensure I do not suffer burnout at key moments.
  • Deep work – can remain focused on a particularly difficult task until it is done.
  • Discharging all responsibilities with optimum economy.
  • Effectively controlling costs through economical utilization of personnel, materials and equipment.
  • Energetic in approach to work duties.
  • Excellent planning skills and time management skills.
  • Having a strong sense of urgency about key issues.
  • Having a thorough approach to things.
  • Highly organised and highly efficient.
  • Managers do not have to check on my work to ensure it is done properly.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Only handling a letter once by dealing with it there and then and not putting it aside to be dealt with later.
  • Performing at maximum efficiency with the least waste of time.
  • Prioritising important tasks and making sure they are done first.
  • Reducing the unnecessary usage of materials, energy and effort.
  • Short cuts – finding quicker ways to do things.
  • Staying motivated and energized throughout the entire work day.
  • Super organised and never leaving anything to chance by making sure that there is a plan b for everything.
  • Taking prompt, decisive and corrective action to rectify any short comings.
  • To do lists – making these the start of the day and ensuring all the tasks get done one by one.


Focusing on the Most Important Tasks (MITs) first
Every to-do list has some tasks that are more important than others. The key is to do those that need to be done first, first. Otherwise there is the potential for procrastination where you will tick off the easy jobs and leave the hard stuff for later.


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