Use the examples below to demonstrate that you are a determined person who can overcome obstacles to reach set goals.

Examples to show you as a determined person;

  • Can do approach to doing things.
  • Capable of forming judgements and then sticking to them when under pressure from those not so well informed.
  • Driven to exceed expectations.
  • Making myself available to customers outside of normal working hours.
  • Never giving up on a job half way, always seeing it through to the end.
  • Never put off by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, instead seeing them as challenges to be overcome.
  • Not giving up easily and fighting hard to overcome obstacles.
  • Not stopped by barriers.
  • Passionate about everything I do and is not someone who just goes through the motions.
  • Persevering when things are not working out.
  • Persistent by nature and not one to easily give up.
  • Tremendous drive and persistence.
  • Willing to work beyond normal working hours to complete a project.
  • Work with a ‘it’s up to me to make it happen’ attitude.


How to show in a CV that you’re a determined person