Having good leadership skills is a fundamental requirement of any effective manager, supervisor or worker aspiring to these positions.

10 Leadership skills to put in your CV

Leadership examples to include in a CV;

  • A hands on leader who is able to lead by example.
  • Able to inspire confidence and loyalty in others.
  • Able to take on any hands on role that requires a commanding personality.
  • Acknowledging and appreciating a team member’s contribution to a project.
  • Always having a plan in place for every eventuality.
  • Always thinking ahead about what needs to happen next, this means that I am never caught out by unexpected events.
  • Assisting subordinates to carry out their duties.
  • Being cooperative, collaborative, and flexible with work colleagues.
  • Being there to help people in a crisis.
  • Bringing out the very best in others.
  • Can be a key motivator within a team setting.
  • Can build the confidence, pride and self-esteem of those around me.
  • Can manage both high and low performing members of staff.
  • Careful not to be domineering.
  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour.
  • Challenging people in a non-confrontational way.
  • Comfortable with being the ‘go to’ person in a company.
  • Co-ordinating activities, procedures and systems so as to ensure that everyone is pushing in the same direction.
  • Delegating work and directing the actions of others.
  • Giving and taking orders.
  • Inspiring colleagues to attain goals and pursue excellence.
  • Leading a multi-talented and cross functional group of people.
  • Leading by example and always practicing what I preach.
  • Leading cross-functional teams.
  • Maintaining composure when dealing with difficult and stressful situations.
  • Maintaining employee morale.
  • Managing staff from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Never using threats to motivate people.
  • Never waiting for people to volunteer, instead firmly giving tasks to people I think ae able to do them.
  • Not afraid to make big decisions.
  • Promoting fair policies and practices and challenging discrimination.
  • Reducing friction between members of staff.
  • Showing junior staff how to do things properly.
  • Supporting and encouraging colleagues when it’s tough, and congratulating them when they triumph.
  • Willing to take responsibility for the direction and actions of a team.
  • Willing to trust other to get a job done.


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