Being able to delegate effectively to get results is an important skill that managers and leaders should have. Use the examples below to show prospective employers your ability to achieve goals through your subordinates.

Examples of delegating skills to use in a CV;

  • Achieving results through others.
  • Always choosing the right competent and reliable person to delegate to.
  • Clearly articulating the desired outcome.
  • Delegating at the lowest possible organizational level to people who are closest to the work are best suited for the task.
  • Delegating work according to an employee’s abilities and skills.
  • Effectively directing the actions of others.
  • Ensuring the right tasks are done by the right people at the right time.
  • Identifying those repetitive tasks that can be delegated to junior staff.
  • Including other people in the delegating process.
  • Making sure an employee has all the information needed to complete any delegated task.
  • Never forgetting to thank those staff who have completed a delegated task.
  • When delegating to a junior member of staff making sure to match the amount of responsibility with the amount of authority.
  • Willing to delegate and allow members of staff the freedom to get on with a specific job the way they want to.


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