Below are some general and transferable skills that can be used to buff up any CV being used to apply for a senior position. Use them to show you can build a motivated and high performing team through effective leadership, line management and mentoring.


Managing staff

Can manage both high and low performing members of staff.

Committed to promoting fair equal opportunities in the workplace at all levels.

Creating a happy and relaxed atmosphere in the store so that employees feel good and work hard out of loyalty.

Dealing with all staff appraisal and disciplinary matters.

Delegating work according to an employee’s abilities and skills.

Encouraging positive work habits in all staff.

Evaluating employee performance through the review of completed work assignments.

Fair and even handed when dealing with subordinates.

Identifying staff development and training needs and then putting together bespoke training packaged for them.

Keeping an eye on staff attendance and punctuality.

Maintaining and improving employee morale.

Managing a diverse set of employees from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Planning and organising the work of others.

Reducing friction between members of staff.

Showing junior staff how to do things properly.

Willing to challenge current methods of work and to then identify, recommend and implement practical improvements.


Hitting targets

Bringing together the skills of various professionals to achieve a common goal.

Driving business performance forward.

Having a sense of urgency about important tasks.


Team player

Actively listening to the opinions of others.

Building high-performing teams that want to win.

Can be a key motivator within a team setting.

Challenging people in a non-confrontational way.

Knowing when to act as a friend and when to act as a work colleague or leader.



Comprehensive knowledge of management theories, techniques, and practices.

Leading by example and always practicing what I preach.

Dealing with multiple demands in a calm and professional manner.

Comfortable with being the ‘go to’ person in a department.


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