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Maxine Corry
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T: 0044 123 456 7890


Maxine possesses the unique and required blend of business savvy, big-picture vision, and drive needed to make things happen. She has a track record of successfully managing staff behaviour and dealing with routine disciplinary, capability and welfare issues. You can rely on her to carry out her supervisory responsibilities in accordance with a company’s policies and applicable laws.

Has a strong understanding of business management, financial, and leadership principles. Very good at identifying opportunities for performance improvement through undertaking internal process and system reviews. A real team plyer who is able to develop and maintain an environment of trust, diversity, and inclusion within a team. An expert at recruiting, selecting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees.

In her current role she is the ‘go-to’ person in the organisation and works closely with many departments on projects. At work she is in charge of making sure that staff are all working towards their targets for the day. Her duties include updating senior colleagues on business performance, new initiatives, and other pertinent issues. During her career she has developed a shrewd business sense and well-developed commercial awareness.

On a personal level she is a determined individual who sets a course of action and then sticks to it. She has the stamina needed to meet the mental and physical demands of this role.

Right now, looking for a suitable role with a company that has a culture that encourages people to be their best.



MANAGER – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for maintaining and increasing the efficiency of the business, by supporting its operational leadership in a variety of departments.


  • Ensuring a safe, secure, and legal work environment for all members of staff.
  • Monitoring the performance of individual employees and helping those who are falling behind.
  • Resolving conflicts or complaints between and from employees.
  • Communicating job expectations and responsibilities to individual members of staff.
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining a high standard of quality assurance protocols.
  • Reporting cost plans to upper management and explaining any discrepancies.
  • Making recommendations to senior management regarding improvements.
  • Filling vacant positions quickly, and with the most qualified talent.
  • Managing employee punctuality, attendance, and time to the required standards.
  • Identifying problem areas and works to implement solutions to effectively resolve them.
  • Preparing and managing staff rotas to ensure effective and efficient deployment of staff resources.
  • Managing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and monitoring employees.
  • Remaining current with all relevant employment laws and ensuring that any changes are actioned appropriately.
  • Evaluating budget proposals and carefully checking financial requests for viability.
  • Keeping production and morale high and taking steps to improve retention.
  • Doing everything possible to ensure that the workforce is satisfied in their roles.
  • Determining and then maintaining an efficient and cost-effective level of staff required for the running of the business.
  • Acting as an ambassador and standard bearer for the company at public events.
  • Creating strategies to optimize the organization’s budgets and spending.
  • Logging staff leave correctly and ensuring that it is recorded and accounted for in the payroll system.
  • Performing root cause analysis when resolving problems.
  • Assisting in the preparation and execution of onboarding and training plans.
  • In charge of all activities related to inventory control, including reports and annual physical inventory count.
  • Carrying out formal performance evaluations frequently, either quarterly or semi-annually if possible.
  • Handling conflicts between staff by hearing both sides of story from concerned parties.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location



  • In-depth understanding of conflict management and business negotiation processes.
  • Able to keep sensitive, confidential and private information safe and secure.
  • Knowledge of the financial and accounting principles relevant to the role.
  • Can work independently and as part of a close knit team.
  • Highly numerate with the ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Ability to delegate, set expectations, and monitor progress.
  • Reliable attendance and timekeeping record.
  • Solid knowledge of relevant legal regulations such as equal employment opportunity and rights to work, etc.




Staff management
Planning activities
Enforcing rules
Giving guidance
Project management
Managing budgets
Developing standards



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Available on request.



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